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SILVADUR™ polymer-containing silver technology releases silver ions to neutralize odor-causing bacteria upon contact with your jeans. SILVADUR™ ensures fabrics stay fresh without affecting the fit, feel, or finish of the treated garment.


SILVADUR™ long lasting antimicrobial technology unites the elemental powers of silver ions with a patented delivery system to create an extremely effective, highly durable antimicrobial.

Through state of the art engineering, SILVADUR™ utilizes a proprietary, safe polymer that complexes silver ions into a durable antimicrobial that prevents microorganism reproduction.

SILVADUR™: Advanced, Sustainable Antimicrobial Control

Dow Scientists developed SILVADUR™ after extensive collaboration with global leaders in the fiber, textile and apparel industries. Antimicrobials have been available for years, but they lacked reliable efficacy and consistent durability. Dow scientists answered the challenge by developing a unique system of "intelligent" delivery. 

  • Using patented, controlled-release technology, SILVADUR™ delivers a low concentration of silver ions to fabric surfaces to control odor-generating bacterial. 
  • The revolutionary technology contained in SILVADUR™ is the wolrd's first and only aqueous -based silver-polymer delivery system. 
  • Patented Smart Release delivery system requires less silver to eliminate bacteria, substantially reducing waste. 

Advanced Polymeric Silver Ion Delivery

Complexed Silver Ion

Proprietary Polymer Delivery System

Aqueous Liquid, Dilutable

  • Broad spectrum protection against microbes and odor-causing bacteria
  • Can use a low silver ion does to provide microbial and odor control
  • Superior long-lasting durable performance
  • Smart Release Technology with a feedback mechanism
  • Efficient pad and exhaust application
  • Drives on uniform distribution on textiles
  • Head and light stability
  • Safe and easy to handle, dose, formulate and apply
  • recyclable and reusable during processing applications
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