Marketing & Branding

brand licensing program

Dow proudly offers a non-fee based Brand Licensing Program to select customers and partners that seek to leverage the SILVADUR™ brand and its brand promise of intelligent freshness among their customers and consumers.

quality assurance program

Dow and its brand licensees work together to drive business and protect the SILVADUR™ brand and mutually benefit from the shared brand promise of intelligent freshness. Brand licensing requires participating in the SILVADUR™ Quality Assurance Program, agreeing to business metrics, and completing a license agreement. For more information or to participate in the program, please contact us.

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co-promotions & merchandising support

Dow is pleased to provide the Co-Promotion and Merchandising Support Program to select customers and partners to help them promote the SILVADUR™ brand and its brand promise of intelligent freshness to their consumers and customer audiences.

By participating in the SILVADUR™ non-fee based Brand Licensing Program, our partners are encouraged to promote the SILVADUR™ brand and its long lasting antimicrobial benefits to significantly differentiate their textile and apparel products.

To help customers do this, Dow offers a variety of sales aids and merchandising collateral to support its partners. To take advantage of the Co-Promotion & Merchandising Support Program, customers and partners are required to participate in the SILVADUR™ Quality Assurance Program and complete the SILVADUR™ license agreement.

literature & product information

Dow offers a variety of supporting literature and product information tools to aid our partners in educating their customers and retailers about SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology in textiles.

guidelines & performance claims

Dow offers the Treated Article Guidelines & Performance Claim Program to help all customers properly state the benefits of their SILVADUR™ enhanced products. To participate, please contact us.

In accordance with US EPA notice PR 2000-1, for all SILVADUR™ treated articles to be sold or used within the US—Guidelines are subject to regulation US EPA notice PR 2000-1.

For additional information on the US EPA guideline, please click below.

guidelines, performance claims and promotional programs

For assistance with SILVADUR™ brand guidelines or performance claims, and to learn more about our promotional programs, contact your DuPont representative.