Sustainable & Safe

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At DowDuPont, sustainability is more than an environmental stance; it's a business model. Our mission is to lead the industry through science and technology that provide long term viable and sustainable microbial control solutions.

our criteria

To help choose the best solution for each customer, we score sustainable products on three criteria:

Effective – It must serve its primary job of protecting from harmful and nuisance microorganisms

Goes Away – Preferably, technologies will be degradable, non-persistent, non-accumulative, reusable, recyclable, or destroyable

Does No Harm – Technologies should not harm the environment, employees, the community, society, or business

SILVADUR™ is effective because

  • Silver ions (Ag+) are a natural and trusted antimicrobial agent used for more than 2,000 years
  • The product provides reliable and durable antimicrobial protection against bacteria prevalent on textile surfaces
  • It is retained longer on fabric substrates, providing a longer garment life
  • The antimicrobial technology requires less silver to deliver high performance on a variety of fabric surfaces

SILVADUR™ goes away because

  • It uses silver ions (Ag+) rather than silver particles
  • The product relies on bound silver so no free silver is released into the environment
  • Polymers adhere inherently to fiber surfaces, providing long lasting antimicrobial protection on fabrics
  • It is recyclable and reusable during processing applications due to its inherent UV stability and water solubility

SILVADUR™ does no harm because

  • It is formulated to provide a low concentration of free silver ions and creates no build-up of free silver, preventing discoloration and facilitating long lasting antimicrobial performance
  • Articles treated with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial are non-toxic, non-sensitizing, and non-irritating to human skin
  • The enhanced freshness that SILVADUR™ long lasting antimicrobial provides means fewer washings are required, which benefits consumer and the environment alike
  • The proprietary SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology releases silver ions only when they are needed, ensuring that more active material remains bound to the textile surface for long term antimicrobial protection. As a result, both garment turnover and the amount of silver released into the environment are reduced.

SILVADUR™ has no repercussion on human health because

SILVADUR™ antimicrobial has been assessed as harmless to human health and added to the list of active chemical products approved by the International Oeko-Tex® Association. It is registered with the U.S. EPA and its active ingredient is notified and supported under the EU Biocidal Products Registry (BPR). In addition, SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology is registered to meet REACH requirements in the European Union.